The Arnawaz Vasudev Charities, a private trust set up by S.G. Vasudev following the untimely death of his artist-wife Arnawaz in 1988, has been providing annual scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to young artists for the past 18 years. Studio Arnawaz is an extension of this effort to serve the community of artists and to nurture creative enterprise.

The studio is located in the beautiful, verdant, spacious and quiet compound in the well-known Cholamandal Artists' Village by the sea on the outskirts of Chennai, on the way to historic Mahabalipuram, where Vasudev has his own cottage. It comprises a first floor, fully furnished studio apartment, with a bathroom, kitchenette and verandah, together with a covered work space downstairs. The studio apartment, including the balcony, covers 350 sq. ft., while the downstairs space measures 240 sq. ft. The total area of the living area and covered work space is 590 sq. ft.

It will be made available to artists, writers and others involved in creative pursuits to spend periods of one to three months working on a project which requires solitude in a pleasant environment that offers the possibility of interaction with others involved in artistic or intellectual pursuits.

The proceeds from the modest rent charged for the living-cum-work space will go into account of the Arnawaz Vasudev charities, and thereby back into the creative community, since the funds will be used exclusively to continue supporting young artists at the time when they most need such assistance.

Artists, writers and others from India and elsewhere in the world interested in using the facilities for a creative enterprise are invited to send a letter, along with a resume (CV, bio-data) and a brief note on the proposed project to be pursued during the residency, by post or e-mail.

Contact details:

Studio Arnawaz
c/o S.G. Vasudev
2/143 Cholamandal Artists’ Village
Chennai 600 041


Studio Arnawaz
c/o S.G. Vasudev
71, S.T. Bed Layout
Bangalore 560 034


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